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The Thai Khang in Nam Can Commune, Ky Son District, Nghe An Province

Living in upland area close to Laos border, the Thai Khang people in Noong De Village, Nam Can Commune have relatively better life compared to other communes in the same district. Besides cultivating on upland fields, they also 

have other sub-activities such as weaving skirts, dress or selling things at the border for more income. Thai Khang people highly appreciate their traditional weaving culture. Since being in young age, girls have been instructed by their mothers and grand mothers to get acquainted with spinning and weaving techniques. Weaving is associated with women here as an indispensable habit of their daily life.Thai Khang women’s traditional costume includes: Skirts, dresses, belts, head scarves, in which the dress is decorated with most beautiful patterns and features the most unique culture. Each dress represents the craftsmanship of the weaver. From familiar objects in everyday life such as chickens, horses, goats, flowers, grass, the sun, the Thai Khang women have woven pieces of art reflecting various colors of life with their skillful hands.The Thai Khang group has been established since 1999 through a handicraft development project supported by Craft Link. However, from early 2018 Craft Link has coordinated with the Nghe An Women’s Union to strengthen the group through another short-term project: “Reviving and preserving the traditional culture of the Thai Khang ethnic group in Noong De Village, Nam Can Commune, Ky Son District, Nghe An Province through the restoration of their traditional weaving skills, and helping them to improve their lives”.


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