Smocked Bamboo group in Gia Luong District, Bac Ninh Province

Among the many professional villages in the north of Vietnam is a village famous for making products from smoked bamboo. The production of bamboo beds, couches and mats has developed over the last 100 years. In recent years the demand for such products has decreased but now under a project of Craft Link and the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, villagers are creating a range of traditional and new products for domestic and overseas markets. The project not only helps families to earn income and to keep alive their traditional skills, but it also encourages the use of bamboo rather than wood as a raw material for construction of domestic objects and furniture.

Products created under this project include furniture such as table, benches, beds, shelves, wardrobes, mirror frame, photo frames and hanger for textiles

For more information about this project, please contact:

51 Van Mieu Str., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (8424) 3733 6101


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