Silk weaving village in Hung ha district, Thai binh province

The weaving tradition in Phuong La village, Thai Phuong commune, Hung Ha district has been existed through many generations. There are 5 villages in Thai Phuong commune but only Phuong La village has this weaving tradition. This village population is very high, occupies 30% of the commune population, so agriculture land is not enough for the villagers to cultivate. That’s why they live mainly on income from textile weaving. In the past the weaving tradition did not develop much because the villagers kept the profession secrets for their own families. Since the “opening” of our economy, this weaving tradition has the chance to develop strongly. But many families left the village to come to cities for opening trading companies. Others changed to weave cotton towels for export, using new electronic looms.

To keep alive the hand weaving tradition here, Craft Link is supporting one weaving workshop in the village. Craft Link helps them not only in creating new designs, finding markets for their products, but also in searching for safe dye ingredients to protect artisans’ health and in upgrading the dye waste filter system to protect the environment.

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