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Kim Bong Carpentry Village is located on the southern bank of the Hoai River (a tributary of Thu Bon River), about half a km southwest of Hoi An ancient Town, Da Nang.

During the late sixteenth century, Kim Bong Village began to specialize in carpentry and the carpenters here became famous for their furniture, boats and pagoda construction.  Over the generations, the carpenters have made their mark in the unique pillars, rafters, furniture of Hoi An ancient houses, in the old wooden structure of Hue Citadel and in many other works of Quang Nam Province.

The continuation of tradition in woodcarving, house building and boatbuilding is contributing to keeping alive the traditional skills and intangible heritage of Hoi An town and its surrounding villages.New sets of signature heritage craft products in Kim Bong carpentry village have been developed with the support of UNESCO, Craft Link, Korean Funds in Trust and Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee.

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