Traditional Villages

Hand made paper from Duong O, Phong Khe, Bac Ninh

Duong O is one of the traditional handicraft villages located in Bac Ninh province. It is famous for making paper from the bark of the dó tree.
Dó papermaking dates from the 3rd century, with its strongest development in the 13th and 14th centuries. Today, most Duong O papermakers work in industrial paper factories to make toilet paper and other recycled paper products. There are only few families continue this craft. The group Craft Link is supporting consists of three families : The family of Mr. Ngô Đức Điều, of Mr. Nguyễn Văn Thắm and of Mr. Ngô Đức Hường. Craft Link would like to support them preserving their tradition by introducing and marketing their products all over Vietnam and oversea.
Do papermaking
Traditional paper in Duong O is made from the husk of the dó tree which grows in Northern midland and mountainous ares.
Dó husk must first be soaked in water, then lime water, and boiled for 15-20 hours. After lime is shaken off, the husk is soaked in water for 10 more days and pounded with a morter for 3-5 hours. The resulting pulp is squeezed tightly and rinse. Next, it is dissolved in a tank with water and sap from the mò tree. (The sap prevents sheets of paper from sticking together). A tray called a liềm seo is dipped into the tank to create sheets. The sheets are put in a thick atack, pressed to squeeze out water, and then dried.
Some products made by the group, with the combination of other materials. These products are being displayed at Craft link’shops:

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