Disadvantaged Groups

Disadvantaged group in Tan Linh, Ba Vi, Ha Noi

The group was formed up in 2002 with the support from Craft Link and the People Committee of Tan linh Commune. When started, the group had 40 members in which there are 38 women and only 2 men. At present, group members reach the number of 77, which is a good sign. Craft Link not only supports this group in design, product development, marketing…etc…but also provides finance to help the group upgrade the working space for the members. New designs created by Craft Link designers based on the real capacity and ability of the individual members in the group. Since 2002 sofar, Craft Link has alsways maintained the work for the group members sothat they can have better income to support themselves and families.

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51 Van Mieu Str., Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: (8424) 3733 6101

Email: craftlink@fpt.vn

Web: www.craftlink.com.vn

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