Craft Link history

Craft Link History

Craft Link was started in 1996 by international non – government organizations (NGOs) interested in the production and sale of handicrafts as means of generating income for poor and marginalized people. While some people were benefiting from the new economy in Vietnam, many others were left behind. One approach to this problem involves handicraft projects that develop new skills, design new products, help organize products, and help organize people into production groups. Research shows that there are also many traditional handicraft producers who are having difficulty finding new markets within Vietnam’s changing economic system. Craft Link was formed to help these handicraft producers to find markets for their products.

In addition to Craft Link’s help in accessing new markets through our shops and bazaars, handicraft producers have requested assistance with new products design and business training in areas such as marketing, quality control, basic accounting, and price-setting. Our aim is to provide producers with the skills needed to create practical, high quality products, and to adapt designs to market changes…


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