CRAFT LINK Activities

Craft Link Activities

Project activities

  • Craft Link carries out many development projects to support its target artisan groups all over Vietnam. Each project lasts for at least two years. Trainings provided to the artisans during the project period include:
  • Trainings in management skills
  • Trainings in book-keeping, costing and pricing
  • Trainings in design
  • Trainings in product development and product final finishing
  • Trainings in marketing
  • Trainings in quality control

Business activities

  • Retail: Craft Link has three retail shops in Hanoi
  • Wholesale: Craft Link sells wholesale to many other shops in Vietnam
  • Export: Craft Link exports products to many countries in the world

Promotional activities:

  • Trade fairs:Craft Link attends International trade fairs to introduce new products to customers, and find new markets for the artisans.
  • Handicraft Bazaars:Once a year, Craft Link organizes its traditional Handicraft Bazaar in Hanoi. This is a special event in which Craft Link introduces it artisans directly to other customers and visitors. On this occasion, the artisans have the chance to sell products directly and learn more about market trend from customers. And customers have a chance to meet directly the artisans and learn more about their culture.
  • Small exhibitions: From time to time, Craft Link organizes small exhibitions on Ethnic tradition to showcase the Ethnic groups working in Craft Link projects and their traditional culture. This is to help raising awareness of the public about the Ethnic tradition, and also help the artisans being empowered, proud of their culture value.

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