Traditional Villages

Bat Trang Pottery Village, Gia Lam District, Ha Noi

Pottery making is one of the most ancient traditions of Vietnam. Very early on the Vietnamese may have discovered ivory-colored glaze. And from the 11th century, development continued of glazes (such as celadon green) and new designs, such as the lotus pattern which was popular with the spread of Buddhism.

On the left bank of Hong river and about 10 km from Hanoi in East (in Gia Lam District, Hanoi), there situated a pottery village, which is the most famous and long-standing pottery village in Vietnam for its name of Bat Trang. Up to present, Bat Trang Pottery Village has still been operating and developing ceaselessly. Over 1000 households are involved in ceramic production in Bat Trang Village, whose name translates literally as “village of bowls”.

Bat Trang pottery items have been circulated nationwide as well as in many foreign countries. Of which, the most precious pottery items, which have been famous in Vietnam and in the world, are pottery items with gem enamel, brown enamel, crazed enamel, deep blue flowered enamel. In the past centuries, Bat Trang pottery items were considered as high-ranking, precious and rare ones. In order to satisfy the demand of the market, Bat Trang Pottery Village makes many family use items from baked clay. Besides, plenty of pottery items with various kinds and designs make us admire the skill of craftsmen in Bat Trang Pottery Village, where there are people who make soil and fire change into gem enamel for life.

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